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Wednesdays in Lent Multi-Parish Series

24 Feb 2021 | 07:00 pm

Starting Wednesday, February 24, on Zoom, there will be a multi-parish Wednesdays in Lent Program at 7:00 p.m. Four historic Anglo-Catholic parishes are joining forces to offer a special Wednesdays in Lent series at 7 p.m. each week via Zoom. “The Eucharist in a time of Pandemic: Sacramental Theology for when you cannot receive the Sacrament,” will begin on Wednesday, February 24 and run for five sessions through Wednesday, March 24.

To register, go to eventbrite at:

The parishes leading this series are:

Saint John the Evangelist, Newport, RI []
Fr. Nathan Humphrey, Rector &
Mr. John Lord, Director of Adult Christian Formation

Saint Paul’s, Carroll St., Brooklyn, NY []
Fr. William Ogburn, Rector

Saint Stephen’s, Providence, RI []
Fr. Benjamin Straley, Rector

Saint Thomas’s, Huron St., Toronto, ON []
Fr. Chris D’Angelo, Associate Priest

Wednesday, 24 February
Foundations in Scripture with Fr. D’Angelo & John Lord
What are the Biblical roots of the Eucharist?
View the recorded session here.

Wednesday, 3 March
Patristic Development with Fr. D’Angelo & Fr. Humphrey
How did the Church Fathers interpret the Biblical Witness?

Wednesday, 10 March
Medieval Unfolding with Fr. Straley & Fr. Ogburn
Amidst the Black Death, how was the Eucharist understood and practiced?

Wednesday, 17 March
Reformation Response with Fr. Ogburn & Fr. Humphrey
What lasting insights did the English Reformation impart?

Wednesday, 24 March
Anglo-Catholic Synthesis with Fr. Humphrey & Team Faculty
How does Anglo-Catholic theology and practice promise life in the midst of death?